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Digital and Social

We focus on managing online reputation of our clients by engaging our team of online editors, bloggers, and influencers who are shaping narratives and impacting corporate reputations.

Public Affairs

Reaching to right people at the right time is important. We help our clients to address a range of public policy issues by enabling their voice to be heard by everyone. 

Media Relations

Our team consists of people who have been working with clients to help them make better relations with all kinds of media be it digital or traditional. 

Consumer Communications

Our approach to reaching consumers includes finding and targeting right people in all over the contry. We have team and tools to reach and impact people that matter to you. 

Crisis Communications

Over the last 10 years of Brainware’s existence, we have delt with all kinds of crysis situatuins and while we hope your business is never affected by it, if something occours, you can count on us.

Corporate Reputation

One of the biggest factors that decide a business’s success is what people think about you and your brand. Our team works with you to make sure your ideas, thoughts, and products reach your consumers.

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